Latest Christchurch Economic Infrastructure Situation Report online


Canterbury Development Corporation have released the latest Christchurch Economic Infrastructure Situation Report.

The report, which is updated quarterly, provides an overview of activities happening in Christchurch and Canterbury’s transportation, energy, water and communication networks.

Some of the key updates in the report include:

  • The rebuild and improvement of Cashin Quay 2, one of Lyttelton Port’s main wharves was completed. The resealing of the ports 15,000 square metre log storage area was also finished.
  • Hawaiki Cable has confirmed it will build a new submarine communications cable linking New Zealand and Australia to the United States via Hawaii. It is expected to be in operation in 2018.
  • The Southern Cross communications cable, connecting New Zealand to Australia and the US, was upgraded in capacity. 900Gbps was added, bringing the total lit capacity up to 5.8Tbps.
  • The Canterbury Earthquake Authority has been disbanded with ongoing earthquake recovery activities transferred to other agencies, including new organisations: Regenerate Christchurch; Otakaro Limited and Development Christchurch Limited.
  • The Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act came into force, and
  • The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act expired removing a number of statutory powers. The statutory status of the Recovery Strategy for Greater Christchurch lapsed with the expiry of the Act.
  • Accessible city projects: Manchester Street widening, street improvements for Cambridge Terrace and Durham Street, and work around Hospital Corner were contracted for completion by end of 2017.

View the full report or contact Nick Bryan ( for further technical information.


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